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How to get an edge in the competitive business world?

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Tips For Success | Comments Off on How to get an edge in the competitive business world?

The name of the game of the business model in the world we are living in today is capitalism. This means that everything revolves around the capital and that what you make is what you worth in this world. That is why getting any advantage over the competition is crucial and potentially can decide between success and shutting down.

But, how can one attain that elusive edge, how can we get to the point where we know more than others and where our business is running better than the same one across the road? Well, the secret is in the words of wisdom that is passed onto us by the ones who know more than we do. Abiding that advice can make or break your company, so listen closely.


salesmanHaving a sense of good will towards the people you work with, at both ends, customers, and associates, is a great virtue. This might seem like something strange to say, but it is fairly obvious – you should be nice to people. And here is why.

People that buy your stuff will always appreciate you more if you show that you appreciate them, too. They will be more likely to come back and when the word goes around it will create a positive note on your business. Also, being nice and appreciative to your employees and partners will make them feel like a part of the company rather as an employee who has to do what they are told. People will always work better and harder if they are working for themselves and not the others and there is no way around it, so be nice – it pays off.

Aim high

While having expectations that are way too high and unreal can be harmful to your business, a healthy dose of competence and vision can take you a long way. Having heart and will to go further and aim for the stars will eventually take you there if you play it smart. But no matter how you play it, you won’t achieve greatness if it’s not your goal since it comes “on accident” quite rarely.  Just make sure your unrealistic dreams aren’t bringing your business down.


It might not be a good thing to go bankrupt; it is still OK to fail. You will fail and you should fail, since the experience will toughen you, teach you and shape you to be a stronger and better person in the future. Never failing is seldom an option, so embrace da failure and learn to live with it and surpass it. In the process you will learn how to deal with defeat and the result will be positive for your company. You need to remember that every failure is a chance to do something good, something that you would never get the chance to do if you didn’t fail at the first place. Imagine a guy who met the woman of his life after a car accident. Now, go get her!



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How to run a good business

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Business Guides, Tips For Success | Comments Off on How to run a good business

The hardest thing about business is the start, we all know that. But what comes after is not much easier! Many people make a mistake of thinking they “made it” once they develop a successful business company, but it is merely a step in a process that is much more complicated than that. Maintaining the state of success is just as hard and important as the first step. People make more mistakes here than they do in the startup because they get relaxed about the whole deal thinking: I did it, what can happen now?


It turns out – a lot. There are numerous pieces of advice CEOs, and directors of companies are passing on, and they all talk about how hard and important it is to work on your company at the every stage of its growth.


customer-serviceHaving customers is good, and losing them is bad, it’s a pretty simple concept – they buy our product or use our services so we should do all in our power to make it stay so, right? Well, yes, and it sounds a lot easier than it is.

The first step is listening and appreciating them. Many people don’t follow this rule, stating that people don’t know what they want and that they need to be shown what they like. As it might be true, it is also very important that these two pieces of advice don’t cancel each other. You still need to pay attention to what your customers are telling you. They are the best way to see how your product or service is working and how you can make it better. Don’t neglect your customers and they are sure to return the favor. Or, there might not be anyone to listen in a while.


Another fatal mistake for an entrepreneur that has reached the desired level when it comes to the company is to stop learning and developing. It seems to be a hard concept to understand, but the thing is very clear: even to stay at the same level you are at, you still need to improve, evolve and change. The market is always going forward and if your product or service is not improving and if you are not learning and exploring, you will stagnate, and that is bad news. Stagnation is losing. Losing a lot of money, customer and eventually – the market.

financial-services-rule-bookMake sure to develop and learn all the time, never let your work process get outdated or that you grow rigid and stop implementing new technologies and innovation into your work process. This can make your product cheaper, better and easier to make. Don’t let this chance slip.

In the end, it is important to understand that these “rules” are not actual rules since there is no rule-book when it comes to maintaining business. This field is way too dynamic for any rigid rules to stay, so you will need to have a level of flexibility when it comes to making your business work.



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